Clyde Jeanette Shore, named after her father and paternal grandmother, favors being called Jeanette. She grew up on a tobacco farm situated on Chicken Bridge Road, located in Chatham County, Pittsboro, North Carolina. 

The fourth of seven siblings, Jeanette was able to venture away from her rural American lifestyle after graduating high school to attend the Business College at Chapel Hill. Due to her mother’s battle with mental illness, Jeanette withdrew from college, returned home, and became the sole caretaker to her three younger siblings.

In My Purpose For Dying, Jeanette opens a heart-felt door by honoring a promise made to her youngest brother, Ricky Shore, to write his life story. A LGBTQ work of nonfiction, it’s the story of Ricky’s fierce life spirit since birth, his journey coming to terms with being gay, and eventually contracting AIDS during the height of the 1980’s pandemic. 

Jeanette found inner peace, forgiveness, and the strength to write Ricky’s story by penning an unedited manuscript titled, Chicken Bridge Road. Here, she focused on her mother’s tragic story taking place in the early to mid-twentieth century. Her first attempt at writing proved a powerful cathartic journey for Jeanette in light of disclosing her mother’s battle with lifelong hardships brought on by domestic abuse, and a society steeped for centuries in rampant misogyny. It also brought to the forefront the complete lack of justice for Women’s Rights. Chicken Bridge Road is soon to be Jeanette’s second book.

Jeanette is well traveled, appreciates innovative cuisine, and enjoys rock n’ roll, gospel, and folk music. You can find Jeanette writing in the early morning hours. Other passions include acrylic painting, meditation, prayer, and taking afternoon walks. Above all, Jeanette stays devoted to her spirituality and lending support to those in need. Retired, she currently resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, and shares a loving relationship with her daughter, and family.